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Well it has been a while since I have found a new addition.  Now in one fell swoop I am doubling the total number of inductees.  Don Krehbiel and Aaron Dragushan have both come up with pages that are unbelievably useful.  Take a look and drop them a note.  Their efforts are terrific!

Don Krehbiel's Minox and Photography Compendium!

If you ever just had a passing curiosity or need some hard detailed facts about photography in general, or specifically the Minox camera you would be a fool not to stop here to find your answer.  I recently picked up the Minox bug with the purchase of my first Minox B and would not have survived were it not for his informative pages and advice.  A page you can actually use!

Aaron Dragushan's Myriad of Pages!

In general I do not want to give this award to pages with commercial content, but this is a definite exception.  While there is some commercial content on his pages he has some nifty freebies.  I was looking for .sig files and came upon his site only to be blown away with the vast selection and quality of the files.  Take the time to browse and you will see why I gave him a Wonko's Web Page Award for the whole lot of them!

Contacting the Congress!

This is a perfect example of how I would like to find all of my Award recipients. As I was trying to write the House Judiciary Committee, I was having nothing but trouble finding their e-mail addresses. Well lo and behold, the best page on the web, including the Congress' own, for finding this info was Juan Cabanela's! It is amazing what the private sector can do, with a little initiative. I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this site and let your representatives in Washington know your feelings.

The Planet of the Apes!

This is actually a cool page even if you are not a huge Apes fan. Submitted by Andrew Parmet, it has just a lot of fun stuff. Even the e-mail link is kind of cool. Take a look and tell him what you think, because --quite frankly-- I don't care!
The first of a new breed!

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