1) Web pages must be suitable for viewing by most audiences. Some people are complete gits and will be offended by stupid things. I am referring to no girlie pictures, sexual content, REALLY gross stuff (I reserve the right to define the word "really" and "gross"), and other unnamed stuff that I just do not wish to promote for whatever reason. 

2) The page must have one or more bits of original content that I feel may be useful to a complete stranger. In other words, pictures of your kids are really a nice thing to have on your page, but they won't win you any awards. This also goes for pages that are all hyper-links. There may be exceptions, but at the moment I can't think of any.

 3) The links on a page must work consistently. If I try a page once or twice and have trouble with graphics or outdated links to secondary pages, I will move on.

 4) Download times are becoming more and more critical to me.  If I have to wait it better be WAY worth my time.  Having a short attention span, 30 seconds is about my maximum, I will allow a bit more for the main page.  By the way, I use a 56k modem at work, and at home.   Yes it is the dark ages, but it should suffice.

5) The pages must be consistent and pleasing to the eye. To put it another way, you may have real-time video of your lunch digesting, but if your background is so bad I cannot read the text, haste la vista.

6) I will take nominations. But in the interest of my sanity, if I receive more than what I think is a reasonable number of nominations for a site, I will black ball it and it will never get an award. No campaigns!

7) Awardees may place the logo on their main page, or on a specific awards page, with a link to http://www.wonko.net/awards.html. This logo is proprietary material and may not be used without my permission.

8) You may also want to know that I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 at work, and at home. I got sick of fighting the system and joined with the great evil empire ;) If your page does not work in that browser, sorry but I can't make any allowances. It's the only one I've got.

9) Yes, this is an award for the little guy. So if you are designing web pages on a Cray (or anything like unto it), or in other words if it would be inconceivable to find your computer at an Office-Max, don't ask. If you built it yourself, I may not give you the award, but I would still like to talk to you.

10) Due to frequent submissions I am not always able to respond to every submission. Be assured though, that I do look at every page. I typically contact a site I have selected within 30 days. I also reserve the right to award sites that I find particularly useful in my own web wanderings.

11) Last but not least, you must commit to adhering to these requirements so long as your page is on the Award list. If you want to put an offensive link on, you must e-mail me so I can remove your link first.  I reserve the right to change these rules, and remove sites, at will.

Submissions can be e-mailed to award@wonko.net.  Please make sure you have read, and understand, the above rules first!

Last Updated April 11, 2007
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