About Me

I live in the Salt Lake City, Utah metro area. My first jobs were working in my family furniture business. There I worked the warehouse, did touch-up and repair, and maintenance around the facility. As I grew older I moved into office positions where I learned to manage the book keeping, and keep the inventory from getting away from us.

After I got my Business Marketing degree from the University of Utah, I progressed into sales management. Sales were not my passion, and I was able to move into operations where I took on facilities, HR, warehouse management and logistics, and generally did what needed to be done to keep the sales people selling.

It was here that I took on our network maintenance and IT, and found real joy in the IT side of business.

In 2014 we made the choice to sell the business, and I took on a position as a Special Projects Manager. This seemed like a great fit, as I was the guy that they threw all the oddball stuff at, but I missed the IT things I had spent so much time with before.

In 2017, due to some consolidations, I was able to move over to the IT group. I currently manage a team of 25 government contractors, and genuinely enjoy what I am doing. Finding the solutions to problems, weaving projects through the morass of government red-tape, and leading a group of amazing IT professionals is a real joy.

I also need to have hobby projects going at any given time. From spy cameras, driving race cars, casting aluminum, to Ham Radio, and building my own Proxmox server with NextCloud, Plex, and Pi-Hole servers. I always need something that will push me a step or two past where I am comfortable. I have a deep need to keep learning and acquiring skills, and those skills seem to enhance each other as I get more of them.

As I write this I am doing a deep dive into WiFi networking to build my own version of the WiFi Kraken. You can follow that on my blog pages as it progresses.

Hopefully as I reestablish my website, you will find something of value. If nothing else I hope you find the motivation to try something new, and DO something!