Other Pages

I have been involved with a number of other websites over the years. Some I owned and some I helped build. This is a place I will link to some of the other pages I have been affiliated with in some way.

JT Watson Photography

(2018-Current) JTWatson.com is my son’s photography website. On it he showcases his latest photos, and is able to sell those photos directly to the individuals interested. I set the site up, got the cart system working, and then trained JT on how to manage the site himself. It has been a remarkably successful venture for him.

Watson Clan Genealogy

(2010-Current) Watsonclan.com is my family genealogy website. I have spent hundreds (thousands?) of hours researching and organizing information on here. I am not spending too much time on it lately, but the information on it is well researched and referenced.

White Wolf Data

(2018-Current) Whitewolfdata.net is a simple contact and informational website I created for a family business venture. I am mostly a technical advisor to the group. If you need 10-1000 MW of power for high volume computing, they can get you hooked up.

Minox Historical Society

(2001-2005) Minox.org is a website for the an international organization dedicated to collecting and researching vintage Minox spy cameras. I was integral to helping form the organization, building the original website and producing the quarterly newsletter. In 2005 I handed over the reigns to another club member, and have not really worked on it since. There is a lot of good information about the cameras and spy activities involving them on the site. It is well worth a few moments of time.