I’m Baaaack!

In 1995 I started a small website on Earthlink.net that was Wonko’s Web Pages. I played with image maps, and tables. I cut my teeth on HTML using notepad, and made a real mess of it.

As time progressed, I decided getting my own domain would be of value. I piddled around a bit too long, and in 1999 when I went to get Wonko.com, well, somebody beat me to the punch by less than three months.

Not one to cry over spilled milk, I grabbed Wonko.net, got a hosting company, and started building.

At this point I managed to get my hands on a copy of Dreamweaver 2. I was obsessed with the issues of browser compatibility though, and kept it very simple. Just a table to give it some structure, and nothing dynamic whatsoever. Every page was lovingly edited by hand, and every link was static. I optimized every image into a GIF that was as small as I could get it, and still have it look good, and generally worked to keep it clean and accessible.

This site was much cleaner, and ended up with a lot more stuff on it. I was in the middle of my Minox spy camera collecting (I still have the collection), and some of my experiments and information became shared widely within a narrow corner of the internet. Enough so that I have left the old site available, and you can see it in it’s broken decrepit current state above under the “Classic Wonko.net” link.

Don’t expect too much. Half the links are broken. There are enough things still being linked to though, I thought keeping it up had some utility.

So now I have relaunched. I generally have a project going on, and I hope to document them here. I also wanted to clean things up and have something that more represents my current skill set and design aesthetic.

Welcome, and enjoy!

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