A New Project

The last couple of years at DefCon, I have been following D4rkM4tter’s build of a WiFi Cactus, and then the WiFi Kraken. These are amazingly capable devices that are able to view ALL the standard WiFi channels and capture the packets for analysis.

I have been working on my own version for the last couple of months, trying to build my own design for around the cost of a mid-range gaming rig. In the end it should end up with over 90 individual WiFi dongles, and be able to suck in vast amounts of data, while monitoring all available frequencies. Essentially, there will be two antennas for each channel, one polarized horizontally, and one polarized vertically.

Because the dongles I have chosen are yellow and black, I am currently working with the name the WiFi Wasp.

I intend to document my build here, giving the reasons for decisions I have made, lists of items I am utilizing, and files that will be of use to anyone attempting to reproduce my efforts.

My goal is to have it ready for the 2020 DefCon Conference in Las Vegas.

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