Re-Fused Japanese Translation

So as I was working on the Subaru Sambar, I needed to check the fuses. The interior lights aren’t working, and I am thinking that may be the culprit. The only problem is all the listings I found were very tentative and not really good translations.

I’m pretty good with Google Translate, so I used a photo translate program to OCR a photo of the cover called KanjiTomo. I would then, sometimes character by character, put the OCRed text into Google search. This would look at the text and tell me if the characters were wrong, and make more relevant suggestions. Generally a photo of something automotive would come up, letting me know I was on the right track.

After getting that correction, I would then drop it in Google Translate. This would then give me a pretty good approximation of what the item is.

It is in a weird combination of Japanese and English characters, and it is also formatted vertically. The vertical format isn’t what most OCR programs are comfortable working with, so I had to massage things a bit.

In the end, I came up with the following chart:

115Central Locks
220Air Conditioner
315Turn Signals
515Rear Defogger
615eCVT Transmission
715Fuel Injection
910Tail Lamp
1010Left Headlamp
1110Right Headlamp
1210Engine Fan
1315Hazard Room Lamp
1420Rear Heater Fan
1720Front Heater

Now, this is open to new information, but it appears to also be valid for the van version, so that is interesting. I have put a PDF version of it here:

I’m hoping this saves a few people a bunch of translation headache.

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